Oh hai there. I am Doug Marshall; a stand-up comedian (MothaFalcon.com), Director of the KC Screenings for the Rocky Horror Picture Show (KCRockyHorror.com), actor, writer, singer, photographer, traveler, web and graphic designer, and purveyor of fine stupidity.

Here is where I attempt to entertain you with weird random crap I find and enjoy, and share it with you. Feel free to waste some time.
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I am on the st Patricks parade committee in KC and I get to perform at children’s mercy hospital for the kids that are residing there. The terminal, disfigured and seriously I’ll.

I have the pleasure of being the leprechaun Wallace D Shaughnessey for those kids.

I figure I owe it to them to look my gingerly best.


this is a post for every person w gender issues ever

  • one day you’ll find the pronouns and name and clothing and niche that fits u comfortably
  • until then,and whether you have or haven’t, you’re a lovely lovely person and you deserve happiness
  • there’s nothing wrong with you
  • and nothin’ wrong with experimenting
  • and nothing wrong with changing your mind
  • and people love u
  • and u love people
  • and i hope the world is good to you because you deserve it